Evocative, Inspiring and Captivating Stories of Real People!

When Terence Babb is looking at you through the camera lens, his aim is to capture YOUR TRUTH. Whether it’s a break in the conversation for you to gather your thoughts or push back tears, a wry smile as you reminisce on a fond memory, or an uneasy shift in your chair brought on by a provocative question, his camera captures it all. Because your truth doesn’t live only through your words…but also in your body language, and as a Director, Terence is in tune to both.

Let us capture your truth, through vivid and impactful storytelling

Whether an individual or a business owner, Tbabb Insightful Media Group is your partner in documenting the stories you want to tell.

Our aim is to connect you to your audience by inviting them into YOUR TRUTH, and allowing them to experience it the way you did. In so doing, we will bring your project to life!

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  • Socially Impactful Stories

“Storytelling requires a keen sense of observation, some objectivity and at times empathy. We are all storytellers in a sense, full of life experiences waiting to be told. As a director my job is to bring you into that story as an observer and let you form an opinion from there” – Terence Babb, President

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Ageless Stories

Stories that will resonate and stand the test of time require a nuanced approach to storytelling. We create a comfortable environment where you feel safe to express and share your truth with the world!

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