Results-Driven and Future-Inspired Production

“I work with an exemplary group of creatives who always bring their A GAME to a project ” – Terence Babb, President

Founded in 1997, DOG DOES TRICKS is a full-service creative video production company. Owned and operated by Terence Babb and built on a solid foundation of commitment, one-of-a-kind designs, and production excellence.

Now part of the Tbabb Insightful Media Group; our vision, innovative and insightful production services will deliver on your strategic brand or filming objectives, and we will always keep your creative project on schedule and budget every time!

We specialize in large to mid-size projects through our turn-key production portfolio of offerings and can manage international projects simultaneously through a synchronized and effective creative approach.

Allow our Producers to Bring your Project to Life!

Join us behind the scenes as our producers bring your project to life. Our agency has an engaged and effective team of creatives who join forces to develop your vision. The team at DOG DOES TRICKS respects and values what is needed to achieve the best results for your brand, film and video creation needs.

High Production Value

Today there is a growing demand for high-quality and high-impact video messaging. From social media to the big screen, today’s consumers demand more and have more options than ever before.

Our team will help you stand out from the crowd and showcase the excellence of your craft through ours. Let us represent you with the high production value that creates leading-edge video production and a lasting impression.

Concept to Creation

Today’s consumers and filmgoers gravitate to memorable campaigns and stories. Our powerful in-house production allows our clients to focus on running their businesses while our team delivers high-quality impact video production. Our collection of diverse skills comes together to work for you and your company so that you can win at reaching your ideal client.

“As a team, our endgame is always to give our clients the best bang for their buck and to create content that will leave their consumers wanting more!” – Terence Babb, President

Let your imagination run wild, because our team will help you bring it to life on screen.